Guest Comments

"Wonderful experience the staff is very attentive I truly enjoyed the delicious meal plus eating under the stars… thank you for this special moment"
Yolaine New York

"Well done Tanya and Gede for creating a lovely spot in paradise, I love what you are doing with the organic gardens and organic food café. You are an inspiration. All the best for your future."
Jane Perkins New Zealand

"What an absolutely amazing 2 hour trek… the scenery was incredible. You’ve created a most beautiful haven and we wish you all the best for evolving even further. Marcus and Putra are just awesome- our love and blessings to you all. We will be back…."
Jules and mike New Zealand.

"Lovely staff, beautiful atmosphere. The horses are so happy and well looked after. What you guys are doing with the disabled people and organic farming is so noble & appreciated. I hope more people will have the pleasure of visiting this wonderful place."
Angie, Nigel Karen Australia

"Very exhilarating and a most enjoyable ride. Thanks a lot Gede who taught me so many things about riding! Will use these skills in aus! Thanks"
Olivia Adelaide Australia

"It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It was really good for a first time ride thanks you a lot!"
Grace Australia

"It was very funny to ride with you Gede and your horses thank you a lot! As isch e glutei sach, wo hr dam ached und wunsched eu viel Gluck und Erfols fir’d zuehunft!"
Sabrina and Patrick Switzerland

"Such a lovely place. Great hospitality with Tanya and Gede. Thank you for a traditional Balinese breakfast amongst your gorgeous gardens – a memory our children and us won’t forget."
Anne Marie, David xander and Hannah. Canada

"Thank you for a beautiful ride. We all loved our horses Marcus Putra Snowcone and Gembira. We loved your company Tanya Gede and Kadek. And we love your project; the organic gardening, riding for disabled people. We wish you success and much happiness."
Silvia, David Ines and Marco London

"It was such a lovely ride. All of the staff were so friendly , and the locals are too kind. I look forward to coming back at Christmas."
Lucy- England


Everything served on the farm is fresh and homemade. We don’t use any additives, sachets or preservatives. We prepare everything including our drinks with honey, no processed sugar.

After your ride you can order freshly sliced tropical fruit or if you are feeling hungry try our mango and almond muffins or luscious lime cake. All of our baking is dairy free. We replace white sugar with natural local palm sugar and use coconut milk and soy based butter as alternatives.

Drinks menu

Teas and Coffee (Iced or hot)
Raspberry, orange & roseship
Lemon & Ginger
Green tea
Organic early grey
Bali coffee
Arabika coffee
Milk chocolate

Juices and Smoothies
Mango juice
Papaya juice
Pineapple juice
Water melon juice
Avocado smoothie
Banana, pineapple and mango smoothie
Banana, pineapple and watermelon smoothie
Banana and strawberry smoothie
Mango, banana and coconut milk smoothie
Cocoa banana smoothie

Fresh and Organic Drinks
Lemongrass and Ginger
Lemongrass and Mint
Ginger, Lemon and Honey
Lime and Mint
Rosella and Cinnamon
Young Coconut

Riding progam & prices

1. 30 minutes..........1800.000IDR
Our half hour ride around the farm is suitable for everyone. It is especially  recommend for first time riders or for children.

2. 45 minute trek............290.000IDR
Our village and plantation trek is for everyone. Especially at sunset you can see beautiful views of the sun setting over the volcanoes of east Java.

3. 75 minutes...........400.00IDR
An enjoyable ride with spectacular views of the Lovina bay, rice paddies and village red rooftops. Requires a little experience, but is altogether a relaxing ride. The perfect family ride.Aprox 75 min.

4. 2 hours..........650.000IDR   If you can already ride, take an exciting 2 hour trek through jungle paths along steep drops and enjoy amazing views. See the real Balinese village life - don't forget to bring your camera!

Rides 2, 3 and 4 include free refreshments.

Anyone who is not able to ride alone will be led by one of our friendly guides.

Also Available
- 1 hour lesson - Start weekly riding lessons, suitable for all levels of experience. You can start at any level - call us for more info.

- Free therapeutic riding for disabled. Donations welcome.

- Therapy Horse session - call us for more info.

Horse riding hours are from 7am -10am and 3pm -6.30pm

Transport from the Lovina area available by prior arrangement on request.
Call  ‭‭0812 46768087‬‬

Pegasus Farm Team


Gede was born and raised in Bali. From a young age he was taught how to ride and care for horses by both English and Australian teachers. At 13 he went to high school in Nelson, New Zealand. He continued to live there for five years carrying out his high school education. Whilst in New Zealand he did voluntary work helping the RDA (riding for disabled association). When returning back to Bali, he decided to care for his stepfather’s horses and organically farm his land. A year later Gede set up Pegasus Farm.

Koming is also a local villager from Kayuputih. He is young, but he is learning the ropes really quickly. He is great with all the horses. He is a delightful young man who brings a smile to everyone who visits the farm.

Kadek Wari
Wari is also from here in Kayuputih. She fits in really well here at the Farm. The fresh organic drinks are delicious.   For 3 years she worked in the south of Bali in a restaurant before returning to her home to have her first child. She is a lovely lady and for both staff and guests she is a pleasure to be around.

Valerie is originally from England. She is passionate about horses and has been around them most of her life. As a child she lived in the country side and would spend her holiday time helping out at neighbors horse stables , exercising and grooming the horses. She has been living in Bali for 4 years. One day she went riding with her family at Pegasus Farm and loved the area and horses so much she became a voluntary team member.  She now keeps her own horse at the Farm.