Pegasus Farm Team


Gede was born and raised in Bali. From a young age he was taught how to ride and care for horses by both English and Australian teachers. At 13 he went to high school in Nelson, New Zealand. He continued to live there for five years carrying out his high school education. Whilst in New Zealand he did voluntary work helping the RDA (riding for disabled association). When returning back to Bali, he decided to care for his stepfather’s horses and organically farm his land. A year later Gede set up Pegasus Farm.

Koming is also a local villager from Kayuputih. He is young, but he is learning the ropes really quickly. He is great with all the horses. He is a delightful young man who brings a smile to everyone who visits the farm.

Kadek Wari
Wari is also from here in Kayuputih. She fits in really well here at the Farm. The fresh organic drinks are delicious.   For 3 years she worked in the south of Bali in a restaurant before returning to her home to have her first child. She is a lovely lady and for both staff and guests she is a pleasure to be around.

Valerie is originally from England. She is passionate about horses and has been around them most of her life. As a child she lived in the country side and would spend her holiday time helping out at neighbors horse stables , exercising and grooming the horses. She has been living in Bali for 4 years. One day she went riding with her family at Pegasus Farm and loved the area and horses so much she became a voluntary team member.  She now keeps her own horse at the Farm.

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  1. "Bob Marley" & LydiaSeptember 23, 2011

    hello gede & valerie! :)

    we took a ride with your 2 lovely horses in your mango orchard for about 2 weeks.
    we enjoyed it very much - the riding, the laughing about gedes jokes, the infos from valerie and the surrounding landscape - everything was sooooooo cool! :)

    if we ever return to bali we will visit you once again. :) and gede - you have our facebook adress - email us if you should come to austria. :)

    nice greetings from austria
    "bob marley" & lydia :)